Laying the Groundwork

Any successful influence campaign starts with the necessary groundwork that lays the foundation to a successful campaign. The below proven methodology ensures an outcome where the brand is brought to life from within the human dimension in an authentic, efficient and lucrative way.

A strategy is a methodology

Laying the proper foundation for an influence program requires:

- the premise that connects the brand promise with the desires and aspirations of the audience.

- setting the right goals and metrics that ensure the ROI is achieved

- insights on the dominating voices within the target tribes

- rationalizing the influencer choices based on personal attributes and foresighted outcomes,

- optimizing the right amount of content that meet the goals

- generating engaged audiences who are likely to convert to customers.

Laying the groundwork

1. developing the influence premise

It is the premise that connects the brand promise with the desires and aspirations of the audience.

2. identifying the target tribes

- Beauty

- Business

- Fashion

- etc...

Defining your objectives

Your choice of influencers and the content you want to co-create with them should be dependent upon the objectives you set for your campaign/program and the role of each influencer content in your customer journey. Below are some of the objectives commonly sought among brands, depending on the part of the funnel that needs to be populated:

1. Raising awareness on a brand, product, new features or a social issue

2. Creating a conversation around a desired topic

3. Generating the intent to purchase your product

4. Catering for the intent of consumers looking for a product similar to yours.

Brands that are digitally-enabled to sell across digital channels might want to consider deploying an always-on approach to influence marketing where content is constantly created with influencers to meet all of the above objectives in tandem, in order to generate a healthy funnel that converts customers on an ongoing basis.