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We’ll give you the right data, the stuff that matters so that you ensure the perfect match and make decisions seamlessly


Plan with confidence by relying on predictive capabilities that ensure better and more qualified outcomes


Faster, cheaper, better. Results are what matter most to you. Roger that! Sociata is ROI-driven and built on proven methodologies

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Find out who truly influences your prospects

Be it creators, tastemakers, influencers, employees, or customers.

Know more about them and their audience

Extensive data points to validate your brand & product association opportunities.

Perform through them

Evaluate, plan and track all of your ambassadors’ performance across social platforms and formats, including stories.

Influence at the right moment

Proprietary tools to help you execute social tactics across the full customer journey, be it organic or paid, including remarketing.

Everyone has influence

Some more than others

The iScore is the outcome of algorithmic ‘objective’ measures. It compares anyone’s viewership and engagement against all profiles with similar scale. It saves you the time needed to analyze their resonance.


Is Sociata a marketplace or a Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]?

Sociata is a software-as-a-service, allowing you to analyze and search any influencer on social platfoms. Marketplaces only offer insights on influencers who sign up on their platform.

Can I analyze any influencer on the platform?

Sociata’s database includes any creator and influencer on social platforms, including micro-influencers

Do any of the paid packages include a limit on the number of campaigns, searches, or collaborations I can do?

All of Sociata’s packages offer unlimited campaigns, searches and collaborations in order to make sure you are able to scale your business.

What type of companies is Sociata suitable for?

Performance-driven companies find the most value in the product. Sociata is enterprise-grade and it is offered to brands and brand agencies who are looking to generate efficient influencer results across the full customer journey.

Can I track different types of content formats on Sociata?

Sociata enables you to track all types of formats in real-time, including stories.

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