Sociata for Brand Agencies

Designed to save your precious time

Apply proven methodologies that get you more efficient outcomes to serve your clients better

Access the largest database across all influencer tiers

Everyone has influence, hence everyone is in our database. Take advantage of discovery tools that get you the right collaborations faster.

Guarantee your performance

Our AI saves you the time to identify the influencers that are more likely to drive sales for your product, backed by the rich first-party and third-party datasets.

Robust reporting on all content formats

Track performance and generate reports on all private and public metrics, including stories.

Access training that put you ahead of your client

Benefit from periodic workshops and access years of accumulated learnings as part of your subscription.
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How long does the selection process take?

The selection process is instant when you know what you’re looking for. However, you can take your time in discovering and refining your selection criteria.

How do I guarantee success?

Success in influencer marketing is overachieving your targets with better influencers, content, and performance. You are guaranteed to get there with Sociata's built-in ROI driven methodologies

What is my edge against competitors with Sociata?

You will get ahead with your selection of influencers.
By reaching a wide pool of influencers and aligning your choice of influencers with your specific needs, you can ensure a high-performing campaign that outshines competitors, regardless of the budget or agency size.

How do I guarantee I meet my campaign targets?

Sociata predicts performance across formats so you can collaborate with influencers whose content will generate the needed results.
You can then track private and public metrics in real time to make sure you stay on track to meet your KPIs.

Let us come up with the right package designed around your needs