Sociata For Startups

Performance-driven Influence

Equip yourself with the tools to seed and grow your product efficiently

Access the largest database of influencers

Barter with micro influencers in order to co-create content experiences that get the word going for you.

Guarantee your performance

Our AI saves you the time to identify the influencers that are more likely to drive sales for your product, backed by the rich first-party and third-party datasets.

Manage organic and paid tactics across all influencer tiers

Everyone has influence, hence everyone is in our database. Take advantage of retargeting to generate more sales from your collaborations.
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How can I maximize my return on investment with Sociata?

Sociata lets you treat influencer marketing like any other performance channel. With built-in planning and tracking capabilities, you are able to measure performance at each step in the customer journey.

How do i measure performance at each step in the customer journey?

You can select the influencers with the top performing viewership scores for awareness and the top performing engagement scores for consideration.
Then, at your conversion stage, you can remarket to those who have shown interest in their content and acquire customers for cheaper.

How do I guarantee success?

Success in influencer marketing is overachieving your targets with better influencers, content, and performance. You are guaranteed to get there with Sociata's built-in ROI driven methodologies

Why Sociata for technology startups?

We have cracked the code for growth through proven methodologies and built them within Sociata.
Startups and Scaleups rely on Sociata to drive their growth on social platforms and save at least 35% in customer acquisition costs

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Grow your early stage startup with a discount on the plan of your choice.