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influence -not influencer- marketing

In a world hyper-saturated with advertisements, an influencer waving a new “must have” lip gloss on Instagram can become just another part of the whirl. In contrast, influence marketing doesn’t push products but rather presents them in the context of people’s -real people- narratives.

Part strategy, part creative, 100% scientific methodology

Propagating influence throughout the entire plan-to-action
scientific methodology
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Harnessing the power of authentic positive narratives

It’s about the power of content or context and empowering consumers with relevant data throughout the entire path-to-purchase, from brand awareness and consideration to purchase decision, which includes comparing products’ quality, price, popularity, relevance and even relatability.

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Propagating influence throughout the entire plan-to-action

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A new era demands total co-creation

the next normal: putting people at the heart of business strategy and model

From co-creating communication content and spreading the word to the realm of a total co-creative collaboration between brands and influencers. The call is to put a people strategy in place, as an integral part of the brand and business strategy and to ensure relatability at core.

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