Abed Agha
August 22, 2022

👋 Say Hello to Sociata


Today we rebrand Vinelab and our platform Createvo to a unified name: Sociata. 

Vinelab was founded 10 years ago around the time when social platforms started claiming the majority of consumer time and attention. It was an exciting period seeing first-hand how people started evolving from passive consumers of media into content creators who actively participate in conversations around social issues. 

On the brand and business side, opportunities to directly converse with consumers and advertise through a data-driven approach were abound, powered by the advertising solutions social platforms offered. 🎯

For us, the short-comings with these solutions was that they are interruptive to what consumers are interested in and highly intrusive to individual privacy. Despite them having driven positive business outcomes to brands across the years, their effectiveness is declining. We foresaw businesses needing to evolve their advertising tactics and build collaborations with creative people who can drive meaningful conversations that not only generate good business results, but also create positive social change. We believed that the more the advertised product was placed at the centre of consumer conversations, the more performance efficiencies we could yield 🤯

… And we got to work  and experimented with our brand partners to validate these assumptions.

Vinelab brand served us well for this experimentation and we not only validated our assumptions through well-tested methodologies, but we went on to automate these methodologies through a total influencer marketing management platform we called Createvo that we launched early last year. The platform is proudly being used today by global corporates and startups alike to solve their influencer marketing management pains. It has also received official endorsement from social platforms to further its capabilities. 💪

While Createvo worked well to present us as an influencer marketing platform to our customers, we envisioned a brand that also firmly represented the internal values of the company and why we do what we do. ♥️

Meet Sociata


Freedom - people should be given the priority to generate income over corporates, giving them the freedom to live an independent life monetizing their passions. 

Reciprocity - vibrant exchange of value among all stakeholders: us and our brand customers, themselves and creators, creators and audiences and more importantly platforms.

Equitability - fairness among all stakeholders: we value fair pay from brands to creators based on the outcomes they deliver and the efforts they put, without any discrimination. We also value seeing social platforms act fairly with creators and audiences and advance their business models to compensate everyone with income based on the contribution they deliver to these platforms. We finally value fairness when creators deal with their followers by ensuring they don’t take their attention without offering meaningful value in return.

Rationality - we value insights-driven decisions that result in the right creator selection, the correct budget being spent and to generate the desired ROI. We operate in the digital world where everything can be measured.

Integrity - we sincerely believe that abiding by our moral principles forges the trust we strive for with our customers and leads us to success. 

Mastery - When we are crafting a solution to a customer problem, we always ask ourselves how can it be 10x better? We are always testing and iterating in an effort to find efficiencies for our customers and help them grow. 


Remarkable - our product is fantastic and our team is exceptionally bright.  We want every touch point to provide a remarkable experience for our customers. 

Ambitious - it shows clearest with our lofty aspiration to instill our values in our industry globally. We are forward thinkers and not afraid to think big and deliver big. 

Insightful - we strive to understand ourselves continuously and we are not afraid to ask tough questions. Only when we master ourselves we are capable of teaching mastery. 

Diverse - we ensured from our beginnings in Lebanon that our team members represent all the different local factions and we continue to bring global diversity today with our remote-first operating model. 

Smart - our people are smart, and that reflects on our product, technology and operations. We seek learning in everything we do so that we keep aware in this ever-changing world. 


The name
Sociata is a combination of the words “society” and “data”. It’s a short and practical name that let us stay focused on the big picture and the impact our industry does on a societal level. In addition, data is what we use in order to understand the different players in a society, be it influencers, creators, audiences, brands or platforms, and how they collaborate among each other. 

The identity
The identity is in fact very similar to Vinelab’s last brand. We chose to keep it as it perfectly represents us symbolically. 

The triangle represents the three players in our industry - the people, the brands and the social platforms. An equilateral triangle places these players in harmony together and the upward trajectory symbolizes a social ascension. When the three players work well together, the outcome is a better society.

The color shades in the logo represent the interests and passions prevalent in our global society. They are different, diverse, and show the full spectrum without discrimination. 

To solidify our uplift, we chose a practical typeface that makes us approachable and at the same time convey a balanced and rational company.. Cocogoose Pro was chosen for its large x-height and bold presence, for the roundness of the letterforms and approachability, and also for its exceptional legibility.

As for the typography, we held onto Createvo’s Roboto, a beautiful sans-serif typeface that is as practical as it is pleasing.

Color Palette
We wanted a palette that was professional but also vibrant and energetic. We also wanted to retain the red and blue colors from Vinelab as a tribute to the past. 

We are all about people!

To graphically illustrate our information in both an appealing and communicative way, we chose to create collages: Some featuring photos of diverse individuals paired with fresh colors and important elements from our product.

Others are stylised sections of our technology accentuating the chosen area of focus.


A brand is only worthwhile when its customers say so. We will continue to strive for excellence in everything we deliver to our stakeholders and we are super excited about this new chapter in our journey.

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