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Want Wildly Successful Facebooks Ads Campaigns? Do This First

Are you feeling the burn of Facebook advertising issues? Algorithm and policy changes mess up your campaign performance every 2 months or so. If the algorithm changes the next day, your winning campaign’s ROI will plummet overnight. Your CPM increases by at least 3x and so does your ad spend. You can no longer predict your ROAS.

You’re not alone. Even veteran Facebook ads experts who have sworn by it aren’t exempted.

Aside from the markets becoming increasingly saturated and competitive, there’s one thing that drives the heat up for paid media buyers.Consumers are now smarter at spotting — and avoiding — ads.

Half dodge them by using ad blockers. A whopping 96% of consumers in the US alone avoid them like the plague by not letting apps track their data. And read this, 76% of people skip ads out of habit.If your audience gets picky about what ads they watch, what can you do? You don’t have to stop your ads. Facebook’s 2 billion+ monthly active users is too much of a treasure trove to let go of. You need a hybrid marketing approach that’s more authentic. One that doesn’t interrupt your audience, but builds trust and relationship with your audience.When you do this, you’ll even lower your daily ad spend, increase your audience reach, and get you the conversions you want.If you want to get conversions like before using FB ads, add this one tactic into your marketing mix.Curious to know what this is? Let’s dive in!

Why paid campaigns lost their “instant ROI” magic

Before we tell you what our hybrid strategy is, let’s get one thing straight. We have to see why Facebook ads, the once undisputed king of online advertising, is challenging today.The first major setback happened back in 2020. This was when Apple started limiting data sharing and usage in their new iOS 14. It affected the way Facebook advertisers track and measure campaign performance on iOS 14 devices. Cookies are no longer working the way they are. iOS 14 users can now limit sharing of private information to third-party applications. And just when we thought everything was settling down, Apple released iOS 15 only a year later. iOS 15 gave users the power to block their IP addresses, effectively disabling all types of online data tracking. Any forms of retargeting using attributes are done in on iOS 15.For the first time in over a decade, Facebook advertisers’ data are all over the place. Performance tracking on iOS 15 was so whacked that Facebook ads ROI for a lot of brands are said to be inaccurate.Then came Facebook’s recent decision to phase out over 5000 targeting options where the majority is under Attributes. Facebook has decided to double its user data protection protocols in response to growing pressure from several groups. The move was a sucker punch nobody saw coming. Facebook marketers have their hands full — and some even retired.

To say that FB ads are dead is misleading. It isn’t dead, it has probably just reached its peak.

Probably, people got tired of being interrupted every 2 scrolls. Our suggested tactic naturally hooks your audience into buying — it’s literally marketing uninterrupted.Find out what it is.

One tactic that’ll get your Facebook ads back on track

Since ads no longer sway smart consumers into buying, you’re probably wondering. What makes people buy nowadays?

Here’s what we found out:

  • When deciding which brands to like and support, 50% said authenticity is very important to them
  • 56% of consumers say they’re more influenced by images and videos from social media
  • 59% percent of respondents say they’ve become more protective of their personal data over the past 6 months

Consumers no longer want to be sold to. They want to learn from the experiences of other people online and then decide to shop or not.What tactic does this flawlessly?It’s influencer marketing.Nope, it’s not a new invention. It has been around since the early days of advertising in 1931 when Coca-Cola presents Santa Claus as the face of their Christmas ads.This kind of legend advertising is looked up to, even though its exact impact on revenue cannot be measured.Today, influencer marketing is like getting word-of-mouth marketing — the holy grail of marketing ambitions. Not only that, it can now be initiated, amplified, and measured by any business.Yes, you don’t have to be a global business to take advantage of it. You don’t need Kim Kardashian's level of influence. Thanks to social media, even plain Janes can influence people to use a product. This solves your struggle with brand validation and social proof from real consumers sharing their opinions.It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

And guess what, the market value of the industry continues to grow exponentially year upon year and is estimated to be at $16.4 billion in 2022.Influencer marketing has now taken the spotlight.

So how can influencers boost your Facebook ads?

This is probably your million-dollar question right now, so let’s look at these scenarios.Imagine being at the mall and a salesperson approached you and recommended that you buy a new perfume.Would you listen to him? He’s a stranger who approached you for the first time. And maybe you don’t know the brand.You’d probably ignore him. But then as you walk around the mall, you saw that very same perfume on the poster with a random model. Hmmmm. The next time that salesperson approaches you with the same perfume, you’d probably take a little interest and smell it.But how about this. You saw Johnny Depp advertise that perfume before you went to the mall. And then the salesperson approached you with the very same perfume. You’d probably even blush when he offers it to you. Oh wow, you can smell like Johnny Depp now? Ah, the ego stroke.

This is a real-life marketing example of influencer marketing.Depp’s fans bought Dior’s Sauvage perfume to show support for him during his trial. And if you watch the promotional video on YouTube, you’d see fans' comments.

So take this. If you’re a retailer of this perfume. What do you think will happen if you run FB ads and targeted his fans on Facebook? Do you think your campaign would be a hit?Genius, right?This is how influencers can help your Facebook ads win more. Influencers do the heavy lifting for you with their…


Influencers connect with their audience on a deeper level. They directly interact with their followers in the comment section, and you can rely on them to keep the conversation going. Long enough to get to the part where you ask the audience to convert.When you use their creatives in your Facebook ads, your UGC will appear like native posts rather than an ad — no major interruption!


Influencers built their audience from scratch. And so, they’ve built relationships deep enough to influence their followers. Engaged users trust the influencer they follow that any brand they recommend comes with approval. Almost instantly.When they advertise your products first, you’ll already have credibility and social proof you can use for your ads.


Most of the followers have become too invested in the influencers they followed. To the point that they want to be updated on what they’re up to, even when it comes to their personal lives. Remember the Johnny Depp-Dior example?

Influencers are like mini-celebrities that command attention from their following.This is why you can advertise their UGC without worrying about ad fatigue. They have built a loyal following. Their followers care about them more.The hybrid marketing strategy that’ll skyrocket your ROASSo have you guessed our hybrid marketing strategy by now?Smart! It’s amplifying your organic reach first through social media influencer marketing before boosting it with paid ads.If the natural way of getting people to buy online is through stumbling upon a product through people they trust, then this is the opportunity brands should seize to turn them into buyers.

Marrying paid ads and organic social

You already have the idea of how it works, but let’s take a closer look at the technicality of executing the dual strategy. Let’s see how this genius idea works.Again, advertising alone is getting exceedingly expensive. Here’s how having influencer marketing campaigns offset your future ad spend.

1. They do the brand awareness for you.

Social media influencers hold sway over their followers. To prove a point, whatever cause or product they support, a good number of their fans will show the same attention. Influencers can easily ask their followers to like or engage the pages of their favorite brands. Running promo codes? Launching a new item? Have a sales promotion? Trust your influencers to easily spread the word to their followers for you. If you have a solid offer or product, a few praises from your chosen influencer can easily net you several thousands of likes, engagement, and even sales on your page.However, you’ve most likely heard about the dark side of it.All the fake likes, forced engagements, and other shady acts left a bad taste in your mouth.If you do your research, you can pick effective influencers who genuinely value all the hard work they’ve put into building their credibility. And there are more of them out there.

Pro tip: Use an influencer marketing platform like Createvo. It measures an influencer’s iScore, a number that shows how engaged their audience is.

If your influencer marketing campaign’s goal is to convert, this feature is a goldmine.

2. Influencers can make retargeting cheaper for you.

Do you feel deja vu whenever you see familiar products in your newsfeed?Well, it’s not sorcery. You probably visited their website a few days ago. Or liked their Facebook page. Or you may even add their item to your cart and you just forgot to check out.Those ads are there to remind you. That’s the power of retargeting. According to studies, it takes at least 9.5 visits to your website before a person buys any of your products. Sounds costly! Remember that on average, Facebook ads’ CPM is around $14.Plus, repetition irritates people. This can easily result in negative actions such as automatic skip. Or worse, report your ad, which can then, affect your Quality Score.Creating familiarity with your target audience through your influencers is an effective tool to get them to consider your product.

Their branded content can do the priming for you.

If you’re using Createvo, you can retarget everyone who viewed, liked, and commented on your brand’s influencers’ posts.​​

3. It is cost-effective.

Boosting well-performing influencer content related to your brand won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can start working with nano influencers (those with 1,000-10,000 followers) and micro-influencers (10,000 - 100,000 followers).  

In fact, this method is way cheaper but just as powerful when it comes to generating brand awareness and acquiring leads.

In addition, you also get to build brand authenticity. People trust brands and products more when they are directly recommended by a figure they can identify with.

It is easier to convert people when a product is backed and endorsed by celebrities or ordinary people your users relate to.

4. It cuts down your creative costs

Developing any marketing assets needs money, and your social media marketing is no exemption. You need professionals for your photos, graphics, and captions.

These studio production services don’t come cheap.The good thing with influencer marketing is it drives user-generated content, which you can reuse for your paid ads. When influencers constantly produce viral content, you get endless raw and authentic content to promote.

Plus, they’re more effective. According to 60% of consumers, they find UGC more authentic when it comes to recommendations.

The more UGC connected to your brand, the lesser pressure on you to create your own content.

Maximize paid ads ROI with influencer marketing

Paid media — whether in the form of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or TikTok ads — can be significantly boosted with influencer marketing.

Through influencer marketing, you get initial traction organically. The genuine way of brand building is good for earning affinity, credibility, and trust from your target market.

When the heavy lifting is done, you can then amplify the best-performing content with paid ads. The result? You enjoying traffic and sales at relatively cheaper ad costs.

If you haven’t started influencer marketing yet, it’s time that you do. Start browsing influencers who match your brand on Createvo. Signup for a free account.

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